Below are some nice words from some nice people.

  • I have been working with Andy at TYGA for several years. I can really recommend Andy and the team at TYGA for the work they are doing for us. I have always been met with quick responses, professional, prompt service and all jobs have been delivered on time. I appreciate the personal touch we have in the communication.

  • WOW! Just had a better look at the brochure and it really is first class. Even our most cynical employee said he’s impressed – GREAT job. Please pass this on to your excellent Team :)

  • Thank you for all your hard work on the stand and competition - we had such good feedback SUCH AS : ‘every year we want to know what PDC will do next? ‘you always do something fun’ ‘In our office the Christmas competition you run is bigger than the John Lewis advert – what are you doing this year ’ So for us this has been really successful – people think we are excellent so thank you so much.

  • The team at TYGA are amazing to work with! They always pull out the stops and deliver within incredibly tight timeframes. Professional, flexible, friendly and knowledgeable – a great team. Thank you TYGA.

  • I've worked with TYGA for many years now, and have taken them on-board when moving to other companies. They provide great support - under extreme deadlines! They provide a very fast response when it's needed. Their Eshot tool provides our sales team with a great resource.

  • Beales Hotels have been working with TYGA since 1999. They handle all of the Design, Printing work for us and recently helped to launch our new £5 Million 4 star hotel. One of their strengths is that they are very flexible to work with and can turn around anything we require in a matter of days.

  • Put simply, TYGA are fantastic at what they do. They take the time to understand your business and what you are hoping to achieve before coming up with the most genius of strategies. We love them and would recommend you use them (unless you are one of our competitors in which case I really don’t think you should!)

  • TYGA Marketing have enabled us to deliver our new marketing strategies and have been key to our success in the new industry sectors that we have prospected. Their innovative, creative and experienced approach has underpinned the way that the whole company is focusing on marketing and I have found them exciting to work with.

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