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What improves sales figures the most...

...Great products or great marketing?

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Most companies don't have any kind of strategy

When you contact a prospect a lead or a customer, how do you want people to feel? Is this feeling a key part of your positioning. What emotions are you trying to evoke or align with?

Progress has waved its shiny stick at company directors called technology and has hypnotised the majority into thinking that it's all OK, it's all covered because with our tech, we get back to people within…

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What some directors can learn from this sole trader on match day.

The journey on match day to watch my team is about 1 1/2 hours, which includes a short drive and two train hops.

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Remember that day when you got all emotional...

Your last day at Uni, walking out with butterflies of excitement and the world at your feet, but how do you remember that so vividly?

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Do we really believe what we think is true?

How we think governs the way we act.

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