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Creating new customers today should be quite easy, unless you are stuck in the 1980'swith your vinyl collection, a 7" screen and a website, which hasn't been updated for years.

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What improves sales figures the most...

...Great products or great marketing?

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Most companies don't have any kind of strategy

When you contact a prospect a lead or a customer, how do you want people to feel? Is this feeling a key part of your positioning. What emotions are you trying to evoke or align with?

Progress has waved its shiny stick at company directors called technology and has hypnotised the majority into thinking that it's all OK, it's all covered because with our tech, we get back to people within…

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What some directors can learn from this sole trader on match day.

The journey on match day to watch my team is about 1 1/2 hours, which includes a short drive and two train hops.

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Remember that day when you got all emotional...

Your last day at Uni, walking out with butterflies of excitement and the world at your feet, but how do you remember that so vividly?

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How a painful sunburn helped show the way for creating a captive solution

Remember on holiday when you've had a bit too much sun, and you grab the empty sun lotion bottle - ooops!

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Why right time, right place, right message is no longer good enough!

Imagine one morning walking into a coffee shop and asking for a low-fat soy, extra hot, double shot, tall, whipped cream caramel latte! Getting what you have asked for demonstrates that the company understands your needs and values your custom.

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How do you achieve the impossible?

Well, every generation will have new barriers. Back in the late 60's Neil Armstrong smashed through the impossible when he walked on the moon.

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See why top companies generate an extra 10% of sales from nowhere!

The top 1% of companies understand that the ROI with new business from existing customers is massive.

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The best way to get prospects and leads to look at your company

Quick Marketing answers: Get attention for the right reasons and get it fast!

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8 simple words that when analysed are so powerful

I'd like to recommend this company to you.

Human nature has evolved to first protect and then discover, so when we are given a recommendation, our first thoughts are to doubt and be negative. Recommendations help to build reciprocity within a relationship, which in real life is... Thanks for this - I owe you one, giving you an edge for when you ask for a…

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Life's a pitch and then you buy.

Today, successful companies don't actually sell a product or a service anymore.

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If you lost one thing in your business life, what would affect you most?

Your phone for making those flexible calls on the go, or your car keys for when you've got to get to a meeting without delay?

All important to you - but losing the ability to change prospects into customers, to change peoples perceptions of what you do or to drive interest in your product or service.

Now that's big.

You can lose your phone or car keys, but I'm not going to…

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15 years ago, some search thing called Google was launched, Apple promoted the first bulky iMac and you'd get at least 90% of your emails opened!

Today, you're not competing with business from within your industry, but from any other business that your prospect connects and spends money with.

It's easy for your prospects to put your product or service on hold when distracted by other brands promoting in a more dynamic way which unfortunately may effect how your business grows over the next 12 months!

Fortunately we've been…

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Quick wake up call: Your business has changed forever!

A big insight - it's no longer effective to sell, sell, sell all of the time.

Today, its about creating a series of reasons: Giving, then Value, then Asking for the sale, and as you can see the priority has flipped 360!

So that's different, but what really does push it way over the edge is:
The tone of voice at each stage needs to be different.
The message…

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So what do you have in common with a beach ball?

Well, somewhere in the past you've been really brave, bold or confident enough to head up your business which shows that you have a unique entrepreneurial gene.

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Are you in control of future sales or just waiting for them to turn up?

London - It's a big city, with lots of amazing people all going in different directions to get things done, just like you going to an important meeting, you have a choice to own and control your time or allow something else to effect the outcome.

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Why Some companies have the X factor while others just have the Zzzzzz factor!

The answer lies in positioning - in fact:

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Do we really believe what we think is true?

How we think governs the way we act.

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Do you promote like TV channels?

So I'm watching the telly and it's Monday evening. The Euro's are over and I've got used to watching my evening fix of football.

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Email Marketing strikes many as old-fashioned.

More fashionable venues like social media and mobile marketing get all the attention, and some people will even try to tell you that email marketing is dead.

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Build trust before you pitch.

Remember, the success of any email marketing program depends on genuinely compelling content. Make sure yours is nicely loaded with cookie content so readers begin to be trained to open everything you send.

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