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When best practice is not the best way!

Finding best practices isn’t the goal. Finding the best approach for you is.

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Creating new customers today should be quite easy, unless you are stuck in the 1980'swith your vinyl collection, a 7" screen and a website, which hasn't been updated for years.

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Groundbreaking sales method

Why right time, right place, right message is no longer good enough!

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Life's a pitch and then you buy.

Today, successful companies don't actually sell a product or a service anymore.

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If you lost one thing in your business life, what would affect you most?

Your phone for making those flexible calls on the go, or your car keys for when you've got to get to a meeting without delay?

All important to you - but losing the ability to change prospects into customers, to change peoples perceptions of what you do or to drive interest in your product or service.

Now that's big.

You can lose your phone or car keys, but I'm not going to…

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