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Sales & marketing advice at TYGA MarketingSales & marketing advice

Most companies see a sale as nothing more than an end result – someone buying a product or a service.

We see it as a relationship that could lead to a lifetime of transactions for you, which is completely different. We always look for more than just a sale with our promotional activities –  including understanding the audience, demonstrating a relevance, underlining a specific problem, showing a positive future outcome, giving insights, presenting value, using bespoke tone of voice, and always having a purpose.

The start and end of a sale are important but it's the middle phase that will determine how many future sales you will receive from your customer, which gets over looked by 99% of companies!

If you want to know how the top 1% of companies set themselves apart from others when selling products and services, they all work off a premise of investing thinking time before selling because 'telling ain't selling – asking is'!

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