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Consultancy at TYGA MarketingConsultancy

For over 30 years Rob Barber has been at the forefront of sales and marketing and the psychology behind what makes a consumer buy from you.

Rob Barber

A little bit about me:

As a youngster, athletics was my life, in particular on the track. I ran for Thames Valley Harriers for 21 years, represented Hertfordshire County 7 times and represented England 6 times. This is what has given me my drive, whether it be in my personal life or in business. It was through sport that I developed my can-do, will-do attitude and most importantly to me, my positive outlook whatever the situation.

I’ve held talks on marketing for The Institute of Directors, The Federation of Small Business, Google UK and in schools across Hertfordshire introducing children to marketing.

In 1998 my business partner and I broke away from the London Agency we worked in and started our own company, TYGA Marketing. Starting as a creative agency, we are now led by marketing from a psychological and holistic perspective. I am highly skilled in communications, psychology and business.

Check out my LinkedIn for more information.


What can I do for you?

I have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, from easyJet, to Virgin Media, to Harrods. I’ve also worked with entrepreneurs and startups to help them build brands from the bottom up. Whether it’s marketing a new branch of a business, a complete re-brand, or the conception of a brand image, I’ve delivered marketing that boosts sales, loyalty, customer satisfaction and overall growth.

I’m mostly recognised for using marketing techniques that get actions, not just interest. I do this by using powerful psychological ideas that tap into what your customers really want, building trust, investment, and brand loyalty.

Entrusting a consultant gives you the skillset for far less cost than it would be to retain a marketing professional on staff. Contracting to me means I can work with you on select projects either independently or in collaboration with in-house employees.

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How does it work?

First off, there's my FREE initial phone or skype consultation to discuss your business, where I'll give you some pointers and ideas from the off.

From there, we will establish exactly how you want me to integrate into your business, be it:

  • joining in with your next sales and marketing meeting, training your sales guys
  • providing valuable resources to your marketing team, including creative campaign ideas and new channels to market
  • real-world plans and strategies that deliver your growth aims efficiently and effectively
  • differentiated brands & value-based consistent messaging that sparks the consumer into alligning with your brand
  • new brand guidelines detailing tone of voice and messaging right for your target audience/audiences
  • create and execute high-impact go-to-market launches, consistently delivering desired results

I can work with your business on a one-off basis if you have a new product or service to push to market, or on a monthly fee where I provide regular advice over the phone and via email to your marketing team.

Check out some of my infographics including: Become a thought Leader and Create a Quick Marketing Plan to get you started on your journey to improved marketing and increased sales. 

My philosopy:

Everything is possible.
Your day is, your week is, your month is, your year is, your life is - SO LIVE IT.
Be happy. :-)


If you want to increase your sales, and therefore your profit, let’s talk.

Give Rob a call on 01727 898 191 or email him on

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