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Our marketing services

Our creative services are more than just 'pick & mix'. We formulate our services to give you the perfect balance to help gain traction in the market and build lasting relationships.

The first question we ask when a client requests a brochure is "Why?".

Do you actually NEED an expensive brochure? What will that give you in return? Maybe you need a simple email campaign first to qualify your leads? At TYGA, we don't just do as we're told, we give you our team's marketing experience and expertise to help you decide what is the best platform to enhance your brand message in a cost-effective way.

You can read more about specific services from the boxes below:

  • Marketing


    Getting people to think about a scenario is key to creating a sales opportunity, however what makes the sale is everything else in between!

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  • Consultancy


    For over 30 years Rob Barber has been at the forefront of sales and marketing and the psychology behind what makes a consumer buy from you.

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  • Sales


    Most companies see a sale as nothing more than an end result – someone buying a product or a service.

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  • Website Design

    Website Design

    Having a web site these days isn't enough – it's having a web site that engages users enough to ensure they come back for more.

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  • Graphic design

    Graphic design

    If it's a re-brand, direct mail, brochures or stationery sets, TYGA can design, artwork and print your literature.

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  • Branding


    Getting your brand right is imperative if you want to make the right impression to prospective customers.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Are you connecting with your prospects on Social media channels? It's never been so important for your business to have a Social presence.

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  • SEO


    Is your business showing up on Google when potential clients search for your services?

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  • Email marketing

    Email marketing

    Using TYGAmail, our state of the art email marketing solution, we can get your message out to thousands of people instantly.

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  • Google Ads Management <strong>Made Easy</strong>

    Google Ads Made Easy

    Managing Google Ads can be overwhelming, time-consuming and complicated.

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  • SEO <strong>Made Easy</strong>

    SEO Ads Made Easy

    Is your business struggling to appear on Google when potential clients search for your services?

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  • Press Advertising

    Press Advertising

    Our team of designers can come up with original campaigns to take your business to the next level as part of your overall marketing message.

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  • Events


    If you need an exhibition stand for the next NEC show, or a small portable display to use at ad-hoc events, we design and manage promotional stands that get noticed.

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  • Marketing Consultancy <strong>Made Easy</strong>

    Marketing Consultancy Made Easy

    The two main reasons for a business failing are wasting money and not spending enough!

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  • Business Consultancy <strong>Made Easy</strong>

    Business Consultancy Made Easy

    Don't waste money on an extra member of staff, when you can get an expert at a fraction of the price.

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Would you like help enhancing your business?

Give Rob a call on 01727 898 191 or email him on

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