Brand Recognition

Did you know, in a single day you can see up to 3000 sales messages!

It's no wonder that a person needs to see a brand up to 20 times before they start to engage with it.

Lots of people looking at your brand this Christmas, time after time without any competitors to deal with in a fun and creative way.

For just £395 you get all this:

  • A Christmas eCard
  • An interactive Christmas game branded with your logo and message
  • A high score leaderboard which collects names and email addresses

You can send the email out to your prospect and customer list as a competition, the highest scores win a bottle of champagne or Christmas hamper maybe?

It really does work well, and the beauty of it all is that it can all be ready for you in a matter of days.

Try the game for yourself:

game screen

So, do you want lots of prospects playing with your brand over Christmas?

Give Rob a call on 01727 898 191 or email him on

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