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Advan design to help promote the LTDA's political stance.

Client: LTDA | Category: Press advertising | Category: Trade Associations

The LTDA are on a mission to stop sub-standard minicab services from killing off the icon which is the Black Cab.

We have designed a number of advans, which drive around our capital promoting the message that you're safest in a black cab. This message is supported by various campaigns throughout the year.

Trade Mobile Advan
Trade Mobile Advan
Trade Mobile Advan
Trade Mobile Advan Internal cab posters
Trade Mobile Advan Out in force!
Trade Mobile Advan Making a statement!

How was it received?

The reaction from Taxi Drivers was amazing - especially on Social Media - Twitter was awash with photos of our Advan as it rolled up at prominent London landmarks.

This helps to demonstrate the good work the LTDA do to help protect the Black Cab trade in our Capital.

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