Commonwealth Games Countdown Clock

Client: Dell Computers | Category: Web Design | Category: Technology

A bespoke project to display a live countdown clock within the offices of Dell Computers.

"The brief was to build an actual countdown clock, but we suggested an online digital version to make it more interactive, modern, but most of all – much more cost-effective than an actual Clock build."

Dell Countdown Clock
Dell Countdown Clock

The idea was to get the staff involved in the build up to the Commonwealth Games, which was being hosted in Glasgow. The Head Office was buzzing with sporting memorabilia, and the screens gave a nice backdrop and helped make the build-up exciting.

Dell Countdown Clock
Dell Countdown Clock

"The beauty of this type of project is that it can be viewed on any screen and at multiple sites without any additional cost" says Andy, who headed up the project. "We wanted to create something that would make people stop in reception and think about the Games".

The campaign ran for several months, and once the timer ran out - it defaulted to the Commonwealth Games web site.

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