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Marketing Blog:

Quick wake up call: Your business has changed forever!

A big insight - it's no longer effective to sell, sell, sell all of the time.

Today, its about creating a series of reasons: Giving, then Value, then Asking for the sale, and as you can see the priority has flipped 360!

So that's different, but what really does push it way over the edge is:
The tone of voice at each stage needs to be different.
The message at each stage needs to be different.
The reason for the contact at each stage needs to be different.
It's not important enough for people to see you as a good option - Why?
Because if you're not good at what you do, you shouldn't be in business and good has simply become "the Norm"

So where does leave you?

Well quite simply - You have to be seen as being DIFFERENT!

In tone of voice, in customer experience of pre, during and post sale, in product offering, in brand perception, and in building relationships with marketing.

But don't worry, that's how we can help you to start being different!

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Have fun :)

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