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Marketing Blog:

Did you know that your business has a magic number and that if you pay attention to this number, it can convert an average business into an amazing one!

So what's your magic number? Well, it just happens to be: 3

You can spend £ millions on economic surveys, predictions and forecasts. You can Fly around the world gleaming the secrets of how successful companies have grown other businesses. Or you can realise pretty dam quick that there are 3 ways, and only 3 ways to increase your business!!!

You can increase the number of customers.
You can increase the average amount that customers spend.
You can increase the number of times customers spend with you.

Once you realise this figure, you can then start to plan which one is most important to you right now.

So, think of what increasing the amount of customers that you have will do for your business.

Think of how much each customer spends with you and what effect it will have if you can increase that amount.

Then think about creating more opportunities for your customers to do business with you and what that will do for you.

Have Fun.

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