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How testimonials provide your prospects with a true picture of you!

"The team at TYGA are amazing to work with..." 
"Put simply, TYGA are fantastic at what they do..."
"TYGA Marketing have enabled us to deliver our new marketing strategies and have been key to our success..."

Imagine being one of 20 companies all vying for someones business.

You all have roughly the same product or service and have similar solutions, however you just know that you can deliver a far better outcome than anyone else, and then it happens - a few words that potentially could give you a large contract!

Up until now, they have waded though a wash of "we are good at this, we are great at that, our service is the best etc"....

Then they read a recommendation from one of your customers, and it simply says:

"I used to worry about hitting deadlines and processing late orders, but that all changed when you came on board with your XYZ system".

Your team always deliver, never letting us down and I can't think of how our business could cope now without your system in place.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking to solve an order processing problem, unless you happen to be one of our competitors that is! :)"

When you analyse the structure of a testimonial, you can see a min story, introducing a problem, how you solved it, and the type of relationship that you have, ending with some humour! - It's another sales person working for you.

One great testimonial can last for along time creating many new customers year after year.

However, swamping prospects with testimonial after testimonial can have a negative effect, so you have to think strategically about how often you use them, and where they will have the most impact within your prospect journey.

Sometimes a simple landing page with a testimonial will do a great job at converting, but again, it needs to go hand in hand with how you are positioned and whether you are dealing with a short or long sale cycle.

So, next time you want to tell people about your service, solution or product, maybe get a customer to do it for you with a testimonial, it's far more powerful and can create better results :)

Start your journey of amazing sales now - with us.

Go for it.


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