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Marketing Blog:

Why do people buy from your competitor but not from you?

Although many different brands provide the same service or sell the same or similar products, you always relate to one better, right?

In fact, your preferred brand might even be more expensive, and deep down, you know that the cheaper version is just as good. But during your experience with this brand, you’ve developed a great relationship with them, and this loyalty means you won't be swayed by factors such as price. So, perhaps without even realising it, you have been charmed by this brand's personality and, as a result, they've gained a loyal customer for life.

Brand personalities can be grouped into 5 broad categories.

Each dimension has its own personality traits and strengths. Ideally, your brand personality should fall under one of the categories, clearly demonstrating to your customers who you are and what you stand for.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics behind each category in a little more depth…


Brands that associate themselves with this personality are loved by their customers because they are straightforward and trustworthy. This brand is all about providing a transparent experience and using real-life experiences, along with the facts, to promote their company and what it offers. Some of the traits associated here are honest, genuine, dependable, warm, real, cheerful, and friendly.


These are brands that provide their customers with an experience they'll never forget. They want to encourage their customers to come on a journey with them that will lead them to discover something new and are often good at creating a lot of hype around a product or service. Some of the traits associated with the excitement personality are daring, imaginative, up-to-date, trendy, spirited and playful.


These are brands that customers choose when they want a job done well and to a high standard. They want to be seen as industry leaders and showcase their quality. Some of the traits associated with this personality are reliable, intelligent, successful, innovative, experienced, and hard-working.


Brands with this personality combine luxury and superiority. They take forward the lifestyle their customer wishes to have and would be the number one choice for many if they could afford it. The traits associated with this personality include classy, elegant, upper class, timeless, and glamorous.


These brands are all about emphasising the power and strength of their customers, whilst focussing on an outdoor, nature-centred element too. The traits associated with this personality include being mentally focused, tough, masculine, rough and direct.


Establishing the right personality for your brand will help prospective customers decide on whether you are the right brand for them. Personality is particularly important when you have many competitors. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowded market and build relationships with your customers for the long term.

Whatever your personality may be, be sure that it aligns well with your business values and the other elements of your brand, such as identity, image, positioning, and voice.

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