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Marketing Blog:

Why are you ignoring prospects who want to buy from you - right now?

Straight to the point.

Yes you will have a pocket of prospects ready to buy from you right now and yet you can't get in touch with them.

You will also have a large portion of prospects who need more information from you, and yet you are not engaging with them!

Quite often, a sales department will see things in black and white. Someone saying yes to buy... and then there is a massive void of nothing.

Every business should have a "yes" scenario or an on boarding process.

If you don't, you need to get in touch with with he can help.

But that's not what this important message is all about.

So, you've got your sales scenario in place.

Good job.

However, what's your message for those prospects who have not yet said yes.
More often than not, they will all get the same sales message YET AGAIN!
If you are doing this, you are A, wasting your money & B, wasting your time.

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Have fun :)

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