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Where's your unclaimed millions?

In any business, you take enquiries, you make sales, and you develop relationships, but you are probably unaware of one of the most common errors in sales and Marketing that is costing you a fortune - possibly Millions!

The costly error is thinking people who have enquired but not bought are never going to buy.

Big mistake. They are your second best prospects. You'll do much better putting them into a system to soft sell/market to than forgetting about them and targeting new ones.

Someone who has enquired but not bought yet is about twice as likely to buy as someone identical with whom you have no relationship.

That doesn't mean you should pay no attention to getting new prospects - if you don't keep topping up with New Sales opportunities, you won't last long at all!

But what you say to your enquirers, and keep saying, and how long you keep saying it has the makings of a small gold-mine for you.

Your best prospect is your existing customer list... and should be about 5 times more likely to buy from you, than someone identical with whom you have no relationship with yet.


So start tapping into your existing list and introduce your services again.
Some customers will have forgotten all about your core services and will only know about the ones that they already use.
Make sure that your prospects have a continuous stream of messages, providing them with good helpful information, so that the opportunity of a New Sale becomes easier, and allows your solution to be front of mind as much as possible.

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