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When best practice is not the best way!

Finding best practices isn’t the goal. Finding the best approach for you is.

We seem to have endless approaches for finding best practices, and yet we don’t have a plan in place when we make decisions.

This is a huge issue today. Best practices aren’t final answers. They’re possibilities. The true skill in our work, then, is the ability to vet all these possibilities. How can we make someone else’s or even our own ideas work well for us? We have to add in what best practices miss. We have to add in the “us” part. The details of our own context hold vital clues we can use to make better, more informed decisions and thus tailor our work to fit our situations. Intuition just happens to be the name of that skill.

There are so many brilliant individuals willing to share their successes and failures.
I've found a great way to learn, is through the experiences of others with what they do and how they do it, but then applying the context of individual requirements.

Best practice works when an audience expects everyone to follow the rules, like driving on the roads. Yes, we need best practice in place to give structure to life, but in business we also need understanding and an ability to decide what is right for us in our environment or circumstance.

Best practice is knowing that email marketing works through repetition. Best scenario is knowing through context what a customer wants to achieve, delivering an edge and being different.

Einstein said: "The definition of stupid is doing the same thing time after time, expecting a different result."

If you are looking for different results, you need to think in a different way, from new customer back to first contact point.

More customers - More exposure - More prospects - More ideas!

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