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Marketing Blog:

What some directors can learn from this sole trader on match day.

The journey on match day to watch my team is about 1 1/2 hours, which includes a short drive and two train hops.

The train doors open and a flood of red and white parade all together as thousands of football fans start to build along the mile walk towards the stadium, where expectations for the perfect result become stronger.

Small vendor stands line the streets and sell programs and other football related items however, one stand always has a long line of customers which is purely down to his strategic thinking.

This is what he does and why selling strategically is better than just selling.

He knows that match day food and drink from inside the stadium is expensive. He also knows his audience and his audience habits. People arrive 12 - 2.30 (lunch time), and they need food and drink before then go in, which isn't particularly revolutionary, however what he does next is pretty smart.

He creates an irresistible offer or a 'stack'.

He sells burgers, but promotes a free drink plus a free chocolate bar, or pack of crisps as your half time snack, when you buy a burger and chips now.

So.. he's projecting an experience for the supporters:
Lunch now - taken care of.
Snack for half time - taken care of.
without paying extra!

He's worked out that if he can create interest, which he does, he's willing to earn less for his main product because of the loss leader item, knowing that he will sell far more from creating the desire.

So stacking an offer is basically selling the concept of other items over and above you main core product.

Some great take aways for you (no pun intended!):

  • Know your audience and understand what they like to do.
  • Know your competitive landscape and what you have to deal with.
  • Don't be afraid to speculate. He always sells out while others are left with stock.
  • Sell the reason WHY, before you sell the product!
  • Create a great experience and you will also create advocates.

Think strategically about selling the sale, otherwise you become one of many burger vendors!

I'd love to talk with you about new sales strategies and how we can be a great fit for you and your business.

  • Discover how we added £1.5 million in new sales to an IT company.
  • Why treating all customers in the same way could be damaging your growth.
  • Use the same strategies which grew a company from £250K to £25million!

If you are interested, let's speak soon.


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