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What makes a successful business jump straight to the front!

On a train journey into London, I sat in a crowded compartment opposite two men who recognised each other and started a conversation from past experiences. They had obviously gone to the same school, in the same year and knew the same friends, but had somehow drifted apart.

Having finished the Metro newspaper (I always scan the sports section for news about Arsenal, sad I know), and having caught up the morning emails on my phone, I found myself tuning into the conversation, especially as they had started to talk about business.

Funnily enough, they had both found opportunities in the digital industry, with the guy nearest the window, telling his friend how he had a good job as a digital planner. Having previously worked in a number of dead end jobs, and how he didn't mind the journey and the hours that much because, "well it's a job isn't it". His friend agreed and nodded listening intently as the journey and stations passed, until with only a few minutes left, I remember how shocked the guy nearest the window looked, when he asked his friend, and “what about you, how’s life and where do you work?”

His friend took a deep breath and said – “oh yeah, life's great”.

“I own a multi million pound tech company in the city, which we are looking to expand out to a few countries!” 

With raised eyebrows the guy nearest the window said

‘WOW, how did that happen?”

His friend looked at him and said:
“I listened to some great advice about making things happen from a few experts, and then I just made it happen.”

As the train pulled into the next station I watched how the guy nearest the window looked stunned with such a simplistic view... Ask the right people and then make it happen.

Asking for help can sometimes be difficult for people, but what’s even more difficult is taking action when you may be out of your comfort zone. It's actually the combination of these points where you find momentum in change to create success, as with the two friends on the train. One seemed to be happy with life and its outcome, while the other wanted to grasp life's opportunities and make something better from them.

Make it happen :)

How do successful brands grow?

Simple philosophy for people within a great company:

  1. Be your true authentic self...this means creating a "can do that" culture
  2. Do the jobs that no other company would want to do.this is where you have the opportunity to stand out for going that extra mile.
  3. Be decisive, you won't always be right and that's OK...just make sure you are always clear.
  4. Be courageous - stand out for what you feel is right.
  5. Have a big heart, this will demonstrate that you have personality and passion.
  6. Be enthusiastic, it's infectious and attracts great people.
  7. Demonstrate you can handle a crisis - You see great leaders not when things are going right but when tough decisions need to be made.
  8. Be a great delegator but know all parts of your business inside out.
  9. Be a great storyteller but use as few words as possible.
  10. Never take credit, in success there is so much to go around.

Magic No. 11. Don't procrastinate. Take the time you need in creating a way, a concept, an idea for what ever it is, but then act fast to make it happen.

Have a good one Rob :-)


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