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Marketing Blog:

What improves sales figures the most...

...Great products or great marketing?

Here's what we know...

Great solutions sell if they connect using an advantage like:
Innovation, Lifestyle, or value, but this isn't enough!

Marketing can create a focus using:
Band purpose, brand planning and brand positioning, but these all need a premise to work through, so what is it that super charges a solution and campaign together to enhance the sales results?

Strategy :)

Where is your strategy?

Most people for instance have the foresight to create a positioning stance but for what reason and how does this position help focus the customer on the purpose of your sale, which is to help them?
If all your positioning does is show a price difference or a tech difference etc, you're missing your main strategic difference - To connect emotionally and position your brand with a person in mind - Not a sales meeting or a boardroom meeting where the guiding focus is selling the numbers!

Aligning strategy with your products, creates a route and pathway to a sale!
The lack of strategic planning behind a great product will cause - poor sales

Driving all messages through a strategy will help to pre sell and influence a future sale!
The lack of strategic positioning in leading your product out to market will confuse and cause a disconnect.

So what comes first great products or great marketing?

Whether you have a great product or great marketing to get the best out of your audience, you will always need A GREAT STRATEGY!

The best sales scenarios seem to have everything working through brand strategy, like
Walmart, who is the largest retailer in the world making around $0.5 Trillion in revenue a year.
They are the 3rd largest employer, behind the US and Chinese army employing around 2 million people!

This massive band has to know their customer and the customer experience.
They have a strategy for placing customers at the centre of everything - A cereal is not just a box of food but a young child sitting in a high chair having fun eating the product (cereal).

The strategy is to demonstrate an understanding of life, creating the lifestyle brand which is heavily focused on emotions, wants and needs, so directing the path to purchase towards their brand.

Maybe when you next look at your brand and company results, check to see if the message and product offering that you put out to market both connect into a strong defining strategy from the start of prospect interaction to the end of creating your next happy customer!

Ask TYGA to look at your strategy for you :)

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