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Marketing Blog:

So what do you have in common with a beach ball?

Well, somewhere in the past you've been really brave, bold or confident enough to head up your business which shows that you have a unique entrepreneurial gene.

You've also gone through a lot of ups and downs to get where you are because of a vision you had. Today you have to have another vision, a prospects vision, one that looks at WHY they will want to buy what you have, which is a complete 180 view of taking your products to market.

Quick scenario:
You're now the MD of a beach ball company (well done) :)
In between you and a prospect is a coloured beach ball.
One side is red and the other is blue.

You don't have much time (remember, we're now living in a busy busy world), so you can only ask one question - go for it!

Most people go straight for the sales question - old school:
Do you want to buy this beach ball?
Your prospect answers NO, and walks to a competitor - Oops!
WHY? because they wanted a multi coloured ball.

Today, marketing is about asking the right questions.

So a better route for you could have been:
What would be the main reason for you wanting to buy a beach ball today?
From this answer, you can simply turn your beach ball around to show them that it fits with what they are looking for!

Don't forget: Today, telling isn't selling - asking is!

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Have fun :)

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