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Creating new customers today should be quite easy, unless you are stuck in the 1980's with your vinyl collection, a 7" screen and a website, which hasn't been updated for years.

So what makes someone buy a product or a service?



Here's what we use to help influence prospects to become new customers:

Most marketing professionals try to make marketing seem very complicated and hard to do. In actual fact, knowing why your prospects and future customers will buy from you is the key to growing sales. That's why our friendly staff have simple, easy to understand plans that get real results for you right now. :)

If you could have a media solution working on a regular basis which delivers an instant reaction, you would use email marketing more often. Unfortunately, most companies just use it to ask for a sale. It's best use comes from sending a series, creating an impression, building confidence and trust while you see how your audience is reacting from dynamic analytics. It also tells you who's hot to call and who may need a few more emails. This is how email marketing really works well.

Your site shouldn’t just be a glorified brochure. Looking great is nice but it needs to do something useful. It should be generating business and bringing in sales. We can help drive people to your website and help make sure that when they land on your site, they see that “WOW” factor that makes them want to buy from you and not you competitors :)

We design and build websites that can be updated for you, and usually offer updates within a 24-hour turnaround. It's like having your very own IT team but without all the technical mumbo-jumbo!

Event and exhibition design:
One question companies fail to ask when booking space at an event: "What do we want to achieve from this event?". It seems quite basic but it's the difference between turning left into a dead end or turning right with lots of future sales opportunities.

Events are all about planning ahead, making an impression and getting your unique difference across to you audience. We have a 3 stage process which manages all areas of an event. Pre-event, during and post-event.

If you are worried about not making the most from an event, talk to us now so that we can create your stand as the one to visit!

Did you know that 64% of consumers say that a video makes them more likely to buy. So why not plan to create up to 64% more sales? :)

We'll talk with you about what you want to achieve, create a script and once you're happy, we advise on what graphic style will get the most impact. Once created, you can use your video online, in presentations and meetings and at shows and events.

Paid Search:
Have you ever wondered about those ads that seem to follow you around the Internet? Or wanted to have an ad show up when people search for your services or products? We talk with you about what you want to achieve, then create the relevant technical assets to help increase your business.

Organic Search:
If you’ve heard that you need to be doing SEO, you heard right. But what is it? How much do you need? And what does it take to get it done well? Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable in SEO and have a very clear process to get results that work.

Why not start with TYGA Lite?

Sometimes you don’t need a massive brand update or a completely new website. You just need a “facelift” for your brand, site, marketing or sales.

The TYGA Lite program creates solutions that will enhance your company quickly and cost effectively, providing you with experience and insights from a team who make life easy!

Lets have a chat about how we can help you.

Thanks Rob.

Call: 01727 898191  Email:

...Get the reason why you are amazing right first and you won't need to sell.
People will simply want to buy into you, and what you have to sell.
Giving is the new selling :)

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