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Marketing Blog:

Try before you buy!

No one wants to be stuck with something that they don't want or like, right!

When you are unsure, your negative side just takes over and decides to play it safe - it's human nature. So how can you get around this strong in-built barrier?

If I don't like that Ice cream flavour, I've got a mess of melting ice-cream in my cone, a waste of money and on top of that, I've got to find a bin to throw it in!

I'm not sure - so I won't even try it.

But what if you faced the same scenario...and you got exactly what you wanted!

I'm not sure! - OK, try a taste first.

The psychology here is highly powerful and effective, as it allows consumers to test if the product really fits their needs before committing to it in an absolute way.

It works with low or high spend items. If you get a yes, you've got an instant customer who's already confident and will probably spend more than previously intended.

If it doesn't work, you're not wasting any more promotional budget on them!

You could pretty much develop a try it first scenario for any business type!
New mattress, fitness centre, car, paint colour, food, drink, etc....

Why does it work so well?
Well, it reduces the risk on both sides of the fence!
- For consumers, the risk is not getting what they wanted or expected.
- For businesses, the risk is disappointed customers badmouthing them on social media, on review sites and even in real life interactions.

If you’re wondering how your business can create a 'Try before you buy' package - get in touch today.

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