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The only thing stopping you is you!

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This week's Motivation Monday

Everyone has ups and downs, highs and lows, but life's progress is formed in a very simple and yet complex area - Your mind.

It's only natural that when problems crash in from the side you wobble and become knocked off balance and your initial reaction is to form stress. However when you are in a good place, those issues don't seem as big, and your reaction changes.

Moods are massive for altering life situations, so if I feel that a problem is hanging around my mind for longer than I sense it should, I look for a positive in my next phase, the (Week), to refocus with a bit of perspective from life. If the problem is bigger, then I look to my next phase the (month) etc, for a bit of extra energy and help so that I can push the problem out of my way, with a bigger and better thought.

Moods can also affect the people around us, with negative thoughts creating negative energies, producing negative reactions. And the flip side to this of course is also true.

A strong positive mood quite often leads to successful outcomes.

So before you can have an effect on the world, first look closer to yours!

Imagine your name in the middle of a small circle.

When you feel that you are in a great frame of mind, you naturally have a positive effect on your next circle, your friends and family. The energy created from a happy environment naturally has an effect on you in your work circle.
Your work colleagues feel your energy and react within your business circle. Your business starts to effect the industry and your brand gets noticed within your country. Now you can really start to take on the world!

All from one small positive circle - Yours!

So you see, the only thing that really is stopping you is you :)

Have a good one.


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