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How a painful sunburn helped show the way for creating a captive solution

Remember on holiday when you've had a bit too much sun, and you grab the empty sun lotion bottle - ooops!

Quick before you frazzle you hop foot it to the nearest shop and thankfully they have a few bottles on display, some full of oil for those who want to crisp up some more, and one or two with decent factor protection, But wait - is that right, £22.00 for a bottle of sun cream!!!

Yes... says the owner with a beaming smile looking at my red shoulders

Knowing that I had a 5k hike to the next town, and that it was only 12 noon, I'd rather feel the pain of paying through the nose than the pain of my nose peeling off.

Yes I paid 3 times the amount that I should have, but the fact was, I had no choice.

So how do you create the same effect for your customers, without leaving them with a bad feeling?

It's a simple formula which works with a few emotions and turns logic into a no brainer.

To increase sales you need to see PAST the sale.

Pain: I'm not talking about my sun burn pain but what barriers do your prospects have stopping them being more successful.

Agitate: This is where you want to show them how bad the barriers are effecting them, and bring out some emotional connections.

Solution: Give them an answer to the pain or barriers (using your product or service).

Tell: This is where most brands fall down. You've set the scene, given your answers/help. Now tell them how to do this with minimum fuss, stress or hassle (through you).

Done correctly, you should have a long line of prospects queuing to get your help, and pay whatever you ask to make it happen for them (as long as you deliver on your promise).

If you'd like this process set up for you, get in touch today.

p.s. make sure that you always get a new bottle of sun cream before going on holiday!

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