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Remember that day when you got all emotional...

Your last day at Uni, walking out with butterflies of excitement and the world at your feet, but how do you remember that so vividly?

As a young boy, I can remember my first few visits to watch Arsenal FC, and the amazing mix of burger and onion smells as I walked out of the underground station, the colourful scarf and flag stalls, and the haunting distant crowd as we got nearer to the stadium.

The whole experience really did lay down some big blocks, with the emotion attaching itself to what was happening around me - forming the memory.
Now imagine attaching emotional tags to each stage of a sales journey, building the confidence, trust and desire into prospects all wanting to buy your solution from you.

Your driver for future sales should be linked into to the main feelings of how your product or service can help people.

You should be making friends from prospects so that you can engage in a stronger more trusting relationship, making sure they feel comfortable in your presence when you email, talk, or send literature to them. When they understand that you have their best interests at heart, something really refreshing happens! A route to sale becomes natural, and more like a recommendation than anything else.

It works because it's the way humans are wired, whereas persuading someone to buy is quite a strong, forceful scenario, and comes from many sales meetings, where the number one focus for the company is to just SELL UNITS.

Forceful scare tactics are less effective today than at any another period, simply because the customer has all of the power and the market is geared towards offering more selection and a much better fit occurs when they want things to happen.

Your product or service should be visible and within reach, but only becomes the main focus when your prospect aligns the good emotional blocks towards your purchase.

All you are doing now is keeping them on your side until they buy into you!

The work we do provides a psychological perspective to sales and marketing, so that you offer value first, creating touches where prospects feel good about you and your solution.

It goes with the natural flow of what, when and why we want something, and delivers amazing results.

If you want to know more about how we grew a company from £250k - £25million...

It's quite an emotional journey! Get in touch today and let's have a chat :)

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