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Marketing Blog:

Nobody wants what you sell!

Business owners don't want brochures, banners, and business cards. What they want is BUSINESS!

An expectant mother, doesn't want to focus on the labour pains, she just wants the baby.

Traveling is the least enjoyable part of a holiday, but that's never what you see in the promotion for the holiday.

So how should you go about selling your solution?

Well, what you have as a product or a service solves a problem for someone.

Nobody wants money. They want what money will buy them, do for them, and the options it gives them.

Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

The issue here is we don't even know how to think about the problem!

You can be perceived like everyone else out there, OR... you can frame, position, and package in advance what you do and transform your business.

People don't recommend a plumber for fixing a leak. They recommend them because they turn up when they said they would, they put you at ease, they provide a number of solutions, and they are nice to deal with. The one thing people expect a plumber to be able to do is - fix a leak.

So if you want to drive sales in your business, think about all of the additional things that your customers like about you over and above what you sell - Then start promoting these as reasons to buy from you.

This provides prospects with a real snapshot of buying from you, introduces a personality within a faceless industry and above all starts to answer questions that previously would need more promotion, time and money to introduce.

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