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Most companies don't have any kind of strategy

When you contact a prospect a lead or a customer, how do you want people to feel? Is this feeling a key part of your positioning. What emotions are you trying to evoke or align with?

Progress has waved its shiny stick at company directors called technology and has hypnotised the majority into thinking that it's all OK, it's all covered because with our tech, we get back to people within 0.25 of a second or with our tech we can follow customers from one media to another!


...but for what purpose, what are you doing within your message to give that prospect a real difference and how does your strategy take you and your audience forward together over the next 3, 12 or 36 months?

Most companies are just producing tactical campaigns, to launch a new product, or to generate more sales from a service... and again great but it creates a very narrow short term plan which fizzles out with lots of counter negative emotions towards your brand!

For the last twenty years, we’ve been helping brands with strategies to change things for the better.

To get a reaction, to appeal and be thought provoking, to inspire and deliver an end result.

These areas all form the difference when shaping our strategic approach.

You need a bit of fear and optimism, you need to challenge with a vision or an idea and introduce heroes wrapped in story, demonstating a valuable experience - keep things simple and in line with a strategy.

I'll explain more here:

1: Fear is good.
That feeling in your stomach is okay. It means you’re not a sheep, instead you're outside of your comfort zone, challenging what's seen as NORMAL..

2: Design with optimism.
We are all positive people with a positive stance. There is enough negativity already. Our positive process has a positive effect and will create positive results.

3: Create a visionary environment.
If you do, whatever you create is much more likely to be inspiring for your prospects and also for you as a brand leader.

4: Challenge convention.
Creating a point of position will give each project a clear purpose and help to be distinctive. Being OK at something today is nowhere!

5: Make you audience the hero.
Know who you’re creating for and remember they are real people. Put them first, inspire them and deliver a great experience.

6: Own the concept.
Creativity thrives if a big idea motivates it. If it's strong enough, each campaign just has to make sure it's not over crowded with minor statements.

7: Create a powerful story.
Ideas need a narrative. Find ways to tell unique stories, simply and then create a picture for your prospects to follow building anticipation along the way.

8: Make every touch a valuable experience.
Use strategy and planning together to weave your prospects towards that happy ever after with you and your band.

9: Don't add too much to the pot.
You’re more often defined by what you don’t do, so sometimes it's good to work back from sale to engagement, and simplify every process and touch!

10: Make sure everything works through your strategy.
Your brand is not unique unless it has a strategy to serve out those unique points. It's very easy to settle for just another communication going out, however this stance is the start of your brand unravelling and becoming diluted.

You know, we are always being told that we can't do things, at home, school, business or in life.

But I'm here to say - YOU CAN :)

Get a different kind of Marketing structure with purpose.
Get a new stance on how to create stronger relationships moving forward.
Get your brand noticed for the right reasons.
Get a unique strategy to help grow your business.
Get some FREE advice now - It's what we do.

Let me tell you why YOU CAN be even more successful in the future!

Look forward to speaking with you.

Rob :)

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