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Marketing Blog:

Life's a pitch and then you buy.

Today, successful companies don't actually sell a product or a service anymore.

Instead they pitch a solution.

Throughout life, everyone pitches ideas & reasons to do something, like why your kids should go to bed at 7pm rather than 8pm or how a new process at work will help make life better for everyone – we all pitch, so why are you still selling the concept of buying your product or your service?

There is a time and a place for everything.
Right now, 90% of your audience are not looking to buy. That doesn't mean to say they are not interested in you, but when confronted with a Sales message - they switch off!

This means 90% of what you are doing is causing a disconnect!

The answer is to create layers or reasons, demonstrating why you are a good fit.

A generic layer is the type of message like an interesting, fun or useful message.

A specific layer is going into more detail within the message:

"Buy my food."
The more layers you put onto a message, the more interesting it becomes:
"Buy my food because it's good for you."
"Buy my food because it's good for you and it's cheap."
"Buy my food because it's good for you, it's cheap, and easy to make."

This is a small example which needs to be applied to your: positioning, tone of voice, web site, brochure, email, digital, and social structures.

As a business owner, part of your role is to look at new opportunities to help grow your company, building on existing and new sales.

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Have fun :)

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