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Marketing Blog:

I've been to Frankie & Benny's a few times for family occasions and birthdays.

Nothing special, just standard food and desserts.

A lot like fast food outlets in many ways, but more expensive because they serve you slower!

A few years ago I can remember having to book ahead, but the last visit I didn't have to!

It was as empty as a boarded up Woolworths.

There was one other table of diners, celebrating a birthday, and when the staff came out to sing to them, there was a full choir.

LOADS of staff. Not many diners.

A weekend for this restaurant chain and it's obviously running at a loss.

Like retail, the casual dining market is having a tough time.

Jamie Oliver closed 6 restaurants in 2017 and another dozen earlier this year. Prezzo shut the doors on 94 of its 300 restaurants a few months ago. Byron Burgers shut 16. Cau 22. Carluccios. Chimichanga. Gaucho. The list goes on.

Blame Brexit, blame Theresa May, blame millennials, blame Star bucks for avoiding taxes etc...

There's one big reason why businesses like Frankie & Benny's and TGI's etc suffer slight downturn end up WAY down in the doldrums.

It's called the VISION effect.

The internet would be useless if you were the only person on it. Airlines wouldn't work if they only had 1000 users every month!

And restaurants are not much fun when you're the only diner.

You need to create the reasons why people need to look at your brand and then use it.

People choose to eat out for a good time. If the restaurant is half empty, there's 50% less atmosphere, 50% fewer good times, and only half a chance of a return visit.

In some businesses, customers have a domino effect on the value that's created for other customers.

More customers > more value > more customers.

A virtuous circle. But it works in the other way too.

Imagine if 80% of your circle of friends suddenly stopped interacting with you. How would that change your behaviour?

Fewer friends > less fun > fewer users.

In some businesses, the direction for a customer to make a purchase is either complicated, stacked with barriers or just plain boring making life difficult without realising it.

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