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Imagine the perfect year!

We all have different agendas within our lives, getting the kids off to school, making sure staff at work are positive and happy, looking forward to meeting up with friends at the weekend, and without really knowing it, your brain tags a level of importance to all of these and others, based on your life's agenda within one of 4 key areas.

These areas are:


We quickly decide if we find information interesting enough to file for use now or in the future, which in fact all happens within 5 seconds.

Of course you won't be surprised to know that we place most information from people we don't yet know in our brain bins! I don't need this or I don't understand it, are the two main areas causing a disconnect to happen.

So if we are talking about sales within a business (your business), how can you get someone who you have never met before to engage with your information and act on it.

The answer is in small steps with a dash of imagination!
Serving up your product or service time after time, can be a bit uninspiring!

You have to create a need for more using future possibilities, so within each small step, you are guiding your prospect into a state of buy in and not switch off!

Asking your prospect to take a big step when they don't really know you (now), will send the wrong signal, pushing them into an uncomfortable state of mind!

Think about delivering an aspirational solution for what you sell, within a mini script.
No pressure or aggressive tone, just a level of future ambition, helping your prospect to see a better way when they want it :)

If you're ambitious about developing future sales within your business, you need to change the way you think about selling.

Today - you should be selling a better tomorrow, through your solution!

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