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How to stand out at your next event

At TYGA our first thoughts apply to any media really. What attracts and influences a customer to look at a product or service, and what connection can we apply to demonstrate how they would use it?

We then start to create mood boards to show a concept within an area and organise around these first critical moments.

Last month (May 2019), the culmination of creative concepts, design ideas and great teamwork was evident at our clients most recent trade exhibition at @LetsRecycleLive.

Lets recycle live logo

TYGA is somewhat known for creating attention-grabbing exhibitions. Never choosing to go with the ordinary and ALWAYS creating a theme which the client and those visiting the stand can really get excited about and involved with.

When given this brief, we immediately set to work in developing ideas on how to make best use of the stand size. The space was fantastic to work with as it meant we could really do whatever we wanted. After working up 4 concepts internally the client and TYGA decided to go with the 'Streets Ahead' theme. 

TYGA - DuraFlex Exhibition stand graphics

 This meant we could make the whole stand into a set of roads and streets in which all their different bin and lids types could be displayed.


DuraFlex Exhibition stand design


See below some photos from the event:

DuraFlex exhibition photo - plinth 1 DuraFlex exhibition photo - plinth 2

DuraFlex has built up a reputation for producing durable lids at competitive prices and on reliable delivery schedules has brought us a prominent position in the waste industry and this exhibition was the perfect place for them to show off their newest member of their family The New DuraFlex METAL BIN EN840.

If you need help creating something out of the ordinary for your next exhibition event, then talk to us at TYGA. Whether it's just concepts and design or the whole thing from start to finish, we are the team for you. Contact Rob to do for an initial chat on or 01727 898191.

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