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Marketing Blog:

How do you achieve the impossible?

Well, every generation will have new barriers. Back in the late 60's Neil Armstrong smashed through the impossible when he walked on the moon.

In the 1980's we started to rely on robots to perform important surgeries, and in the 90's we managed to clone a sheep! If you analyse these, they all had some kind of vision, an element of risk and an endless amount of confidence in ability to deliver.

So what is the' impossible' for you and your business?

Are you looking to engage with a new wave of prospects?

Are you trying to increase sales, but every time you reach a peak, more barriers crop up to slow you down?

Or, are you just wondering what is your difference, your magnet, to stand out so that you can sell more of your product or service.

Marketing had its own barriers:

  • In the 80's it was mass marketing - but this only led to wasted budgets and a lack of focus.

In the 2000's it was niche marketing- but this is very slow to build the numbers required to grow and get fast engagement.

Today - Marketing is mass and niche.

Creating relevance through the relationship, then self qualifying to generate warmer leads.

To get more prospects, customers and to grow sales - lets have a chat :)

Insight to take away: Protect your first hour at work.

Getting involved in your emails first thing will only draw you into dealing with things.
If you are a director or above, you should be looking to plan everything, to create direction.

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