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Focusing on a quick fix means you're not focusing on future sales

We are living in uncertain times... Globally that's not going to change anytime soon! And with the Brexit yoyo affecting people and business since 2016, most of us are still uncertain what our future holds!

However you can create certainty with your business and your future!

Most people don't want what you sell RIGHT NOW.
It's mainly because they don't know that they need what you have!
So how do you change how people think from "I'm not interested" - to "I'M INTERESTED"!

Asking people to buy NOW when you've had minimal contact before is the wrong instruction - wasting your time, energy and budget!

Worse still, you're seen as an irritable sales contact - which is not the case.

A small bit of comfort though... most companies do this, but most companies are either struggling or getting average results!

Changing 3 simple things will start getting people more interested in you.

1. Change the way YOU think!
We all want a quick sale, but that's the problem!

If all messages push for a quick sale, you will be turning away 95% of your target audience, creating a massive void in future sales.

2. Change your REASON for selling!
Thinking about building profits is something you need to do, but it's not going to create new customers.

When communicating with prospects you need to change why you are contacting them.
This will change what your prospects think about you, and it's this change that will create your future growth.

3. Change the PERSONALITY within your message.
Most companies project a professional image which is great, but being professional is only 10% of the traits required to influence new customers.

Being restricted by a category like B2B or B2C is no longer relevant.
People connect more with a style of message, a look or relating to a scenario that your audience may have gone through. You need to put the human back into your marketing.

Here's what next year looks like for you:

Create more sales in 2020.
Develop longer customer relationships in 2020.
Have a better year for your business in 2020.

Let's talk about making that happen for you: - COFFEE?

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