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Marketing Blog:

Don't put all your eggs in one sales basket!

Have you looked at "your bubble" recently?

Everyone has a bubble. You have a bubble - your life, your family, your work, holidays, sad times and good times.

It's you and your perspectives. Your bubble moves through life with the least amount of negative friction as possible. It's about surviving and then thriving.

Your company also has a bubble, a logic, or a way for your products and services to make a better connection with today's audience.

Your new company logic states: Don't spend most of your time trying to get someone to say yes... Instead, spend most of your time getting them to NOT to say NO!

It's counter to the way that most companies see a sale - as a SPRINT ..."get a sale as soon as possible, and get it NOW"! This is not conducive with how modern consumers want to buy, meaning that there is a disconnect between your promotion and your sales targets.

The game of business has radically changed and changed big time over the last 3 years!

Consumers are getting more annoyed at the amount of clumsy noise, crashing around like a bull in a china shop, pushing and forcing a point without the new logic.

Look at yourself - what do you do if you're in a Taxi, or out enjoying a coffee, or walking around the shops? You'll check your phone or tablet for messages, missed calls, emails, because now, you don't have to wait until you're back in the office or at home, you can access the important, interesting or fun information that you've kept to look at, when you have the time!

Making one dimensional sale connections, or assuming that your audience wants to see and hear a sales message NOW is not as relevant as it used to be because we are all maxed out and far too busy! We know that we've got to sell our products and services but do we know how to better connect with the new CONSUMER traits.

Whatever you're sending your customers, it needs to follow the 5 new rules for engaging with "ME".

Here's the first new rule and the 3 answers for you.

1. We are not sending a sales message anymore. Instead, we are: Interrupting your bubble.
Once you have this vision you can start applying your new logic:

A. It had better be really good.

B. It had better be really relevant.

C. It had better be really interesting.

Are you using the other 4 rules and applying the right answers?
Today - If you're not using all 5 new rules for getting the most from your sales campaign, your customers will say NO and switch off straight away - It's that simple!

Here's what happens when engaging with the most difficult audience in the world - Children! Imagine your customers as 7 year old children, all sat in a classroom, minds are all over the place, concentration levels lacking with distractions every 3 minutes. A child switches off from a lesson because of lack of encouragement, interest, and a sense of enjoyment in what they are doing.

A good teacher sells the class small reasons for staying engaged, doesn't force the subject, but encourages the person to get something from it.


Make it interesting and fun.
Make it relevant to where they are in life today.
Make it good enough that they get something out of it and want to tell other people about how good it was.

Are you creating your "ME" moments that allow customers to stay with you, week after week, so that they buy into you when they are ready?

It's the new logic!

Now apply "ME" to your business.

Good luck - and have fun :)

P.S. Help is at hand. If you simply want thoughts and advice, or you want us to look at a full "ME" solution for you, we've got it covered - it's what we do. All you do is contact us, and we'll do the rest.

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