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When Hewlett - Packard first started in business, they sold audio Oscillators, not the most inspiring solution! However, they recognised that to grow they had to create new opportunities for people. To deliver the right solution, they knew that each product had to be promoted in a certain style, the “HP Way” which allowed them to build on the brand and become a multi-billion dollar company.

So what's going to help create your way in 2018?

Packaging, and I'm not talking about cardboard boxes!

Well, the name of your company will not be top of mind with a prospect, because your brand is still trying to create that impression, however, what is top of mind with prospects is this:

They have a desire to improve their life - Everyone does right!

So we've now created a focus to start from, but how do we express it, to help create a sales opportunity?

Looking at successful brands, they all package or build a WOW reason, (the feeling you get from a message that tips you closer to buying their solution.

And they don't stop there!

They create WOW after WOW after WOW, aligning these messages so that they can be served out to bowl over and influence their prospects.
They package these messages full of interest, aspiration and desire, like waves of dominoes, helping to influence another hit in the mind of their prospects.

Setting off these dominoes, stacked with influencing elements gets attention, but when your sales message gets dropped into the domino sequence at a key position, it really makes what you have to sell much more appealing.

It's a must for 2018, packaging what you have, creating a sequence and watching your prospects fall into a buying mode.

Create your own domino effect with us now.
Go for it.

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