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Marketing Blog:

Do you promote like TV channels?

So I'm watching the telly and it's Monday evening. The Euro's are over and I've got used to watching my evening fix of football.

The Mexican 2nd division play off finals is on, but what else is on that could possibly interest me?

And just as a programme is finishing, a promo box with a voice over pops up introducing the next item which happens to be a spy film.... (so I'm starting to get interested) "and on our sister channel it's a celebrity interview"!!! again which should be interesting.

Lets have a look at what's going on here.
The channel has teased me into staying with them for another hour or so...
The Channel has given me taste of what I could be watching or Missing out on - if I turn over!

So how can this help you, and your business?
Well, apart from telling you to never get drawn in by watching the Mexican 2nd division Play off finals, it highlights how introducing information before an event can create an interest and start to build a desire for something.
It's starting to SELL YOU a concept before it's even happened!

Start introducing messages to help pre-sell your products or services before your decide to launch them out.

It's far easier to sell something when your prospects already have a bit of information up front.

It's good for Brand recognition, and keeps your logo in prospects minds.

It allows you to guide your prospect into a buy in mode later down the promotional line.

Have fun.

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