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Marketing Blog:

Do we really believe what we think is true?

How we think governs the way we act.

Our mood allows us to feel good, bad, happy or sad and affects how we behave, which means technically whatever we perceive is reality!

But how can we affect the perception of what is sold?

Your product or service has to stand out for being different, even if you just sell pencils, pens and cups. Perceptions can be changed through the experience or an action. Sometimes it's the experience which is better than the item itself, so creating an experience helps to deal with the perception of what you are actually buying.

Lets face it, buying a pencil is not all that inspiring, but buying a pencil because it's sent out to people packaged like a birthday present, with a value added information sheet on how to get the best from it, together with another bonus item, helps create goodwill and credibility.

So what do people think about your company, product or service?

Try to pre-sell, create or package what you do in a more interesting or different way to your competition, helping to build a positive perception.

Have fun :)

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