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Cost-effective SEO solutions for small to medium businesses.

Great SEO doesn't have to cost the earth

Today, it can be overwhelming when you start thinking about your business’ presence across all the different marketing channels. It was so much easier back in the day when all you had was a phone, business card, an advert and a brochure to send out!

Nowadays, even if you put aside the various social channels which you have to optimise and invest in (but that’s for another article!), not only do you need an amazing website, but you also have to make it visible on the ever-crowded search engines.

You probably get emails every day from Search Engine Optimization Companies selling their Expensive SEO packages - promising the top slot on Google - but it’s hard to know who to trust.

Some businesses go down the route of trying to do it  themselves, but decent SEO software alone costs a fortune, and isn’t the easiest to use if you don’t have the experience!

So you end up doing what most companies do - nothing.

This is dangerous. Your competitors are out there ensuring THEY appear at the top of the search engines, and are stealing clicks (potential customers) from you every day of the week.


We’ve heard this story many times from clients, which prompted us to come up with a solution.

Our SEO200 package is very simple.
£200 per month, to handle your SEO

For that we can optimise:

  • Local Search results via Google Maps
  • Optimise your Google My Business Profile
  • Help you get some good reviews
  • Enhanced on site SEO
  • Backlink analysis and suggestions
  • Site speed analysis and suggestions
  • Social Media analysis and suggestions
  • Blog development

You will see the last item on the list is blog development - this can be pretty useful in SEO. if you search for something you’re looking for, how often do you see the first set up results saying things like ‘the top 10 tips for XYZ’. 

People love a list - and bloggers capitalise on this by including it in their SEO approach. Whether it's guest blogging on someone else's site (which is BRILLIANT for SEO, because it creates backlinks), or on your own site, as an informal, but informative set of articles that your potential customers will be interested in. it doesn’t have to be about what you do - just AROUND what you do.

I mentioned backlinks just now - but what’s that all about?

Backlinks are simply links on other people’s sites that link to your site. If Google can see that you have 20 sites all linking to your pages/articles/products, then it considers your pages of high quality - which earns you some ranking points!! But - don’t be tempted by the emails/ads you see about buying backlinks - this very rarely works. The backlinks need to be from high quality websites to help your SEO. So then you’re on a mission to find other sites that will be willing to link to your site - again, this is where blogging can come in useful - people are more likely to link to your blog article than they are to your product.

Did someone say Social Media?

Every time I mention one subject, it opens up another! So Social Media? Does your company have a presence? If not, you could be missing opportunities. Also, it can help with your SEO if you get other people sharing or linking to your content. (remember the domain authority bit earlier? Facebook has VERY good domain authority!). But we can talk about that in the next article.

If you’d like to speak with us about getting started on your SEO journey to get more noticed in Google, then give us a call on 07272 898 191, or email

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