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Are you pushing or positioning a sale?

When you're really busy in your job, you can get swept along with the speed and process of getting things done, however sometimes it's good to just look above rather than through your position and take stock of what's happening.

At TYGA, we like to understand the insights, from working with small, medium and large companies like: EasyJet, Moet, DHL, Dell Computers, Virgin Media Business and Radisson Hotels.

What changes normal into GREAT?

One simple word - Positioning

We are all battling for somebody's attention, so what makes the difference? The fact that big companies go out of business, or start seeing a reduction in customer numbers is a common trait. They become less and less current by NOT thinking about the customer and more engrossed in products, sales figures and growth.

Only 1% of companies today are very successful, and this is because:

They think about the customer FIRST.

They plan around the customer FIRST.

They want to help the customer FIRST.

Before they even think about selling themselves to the customer, they position themselves as a friend, a useful, helpful and knowledgeable resource. Before you tell me how great you are, or how great your product is YOU NEED TO GET MY ATTENTION!

99% of large companies are grossly underestimating the culture shift that we are going through!

On average, people see approximately 1,200 subliminal sales messages every single day. Where is yours message? 783rd? 864th? or is your message ranked in your customers' top 10?

Interesting fact: The messages that get put into customers top 10 lists are not sales messages, but are pre-sale triggers! It's interesting how large business and consumer thinking have grown further and further apart.

Let me ask you something...

What do you give your customers to keep the relationship going, to remind them that at your core centre you have their best interest at heart? (And I'm not talking about an offer or a deal.)

99% of businesses focus on selling a product to a prospect list, telling them about themselves, what they do, how they do it, how great they are. As the prospect, my focus is ME. Why? Because I know what I want and what I want is simple.

It's about: My job, My family, My feelings, My tastes, My likes - My life.

So how connected or disconnected is your brand with your prospects and your customers?

Life has changed - have you?

Do you show your prospects and customers emotion, insights, fun, love, faults and strengths? Are you showing your customers how helpful and how much fun you are to know as a brand? Are you showing your customers how hard you work and how sometimes you screw up?

How current are you with your prospects?

Are your prospects rapidly converting into customers or stagnating? If you're not seen as a current brand, you're in danger of being pushed to one side!

One on One Marketing or (ME Marketing) is here to stay.

Smart engagement is the gateway to One on One marketing, so how are you engaging with your prospects and customers, to build better relationships, so that you get better sales figures?

If You don't understand prospect and customer engagement, then you are slowly turning your prospects and customers off. You need to encourage wallet spend, but today, 99% of large companies are trying to encourage wallet spend before encouraging lifestyle values.

To change your sales figures, you first have to position your brand's perceived value.

Who's there?"
"Me again"
"Me again who?"
"Me again who keeps asking you for more money every time I contact you - so that's  £99 please."
*Door doesn't even open a crack*



How about:

"Who's there?"
"Me again"
"Oh brilliant, how are you?"
"Yes I'm good thanks. I've got some more help for you and your department right here. By the way, here's something that you should buy today, because I feel that it will be so useful for your next sales campaign and add more value as an effective solution."
"OK great - Thanks very much - here's my money"
"See you again soon."



It's the same scenario, but positioned to remove any pre-conceived barriers.

In the real world, people are saying: "I want less 'pushy generic' and more relevance to me, what I want and when I want it". We call this 'Me Marketing'.

Don't let your hello :) turn into a goodbye :(

Every moment matters:

Take advantage of every experience the customer has with your brand no matter what the interaction is and what device it's happening on.

Connected consumer:
One on one is the largest trend - the connected customer is a constant customer.

Brand personalisation:
A recent marketing survey found that brands received an increase in sales of between 12% - 25% if the message had a personalised element.

Humanising automation:
Automating the customer journey is a vital goal. The challenge is in trying to maintain the human tone while maximising efficiencies. Always work within relevance and context.

So how are you getting your customers attention, and when you do... are they frowning or smiling?

Hope this surface ramble has helped in some way. If you need deeper insights or help, please let me know.Good luck people - Lets go!

Have a good day.

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