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Are you in control of future sales or just waiting for them to turn up?

London - It's a big city, with lots of amazing people all going in different directions to get things done, just like you going to an important meeting, you have a choice to own and control your time or allow something else to effect the outcome.


1. You can wait for a temperamental bus, which can be inflexible and frustrating if not on schedule, then walk from the bus to the meeting.
2. You can walk to get a train, wait for the train and then walk to your meeting from the station, and again you're not really in control of what's happening.
3. Or you can wave a cab to come to you, you can get him to drop you at the door, arriving nice and fresh and ready to go!

What's your business model like for getting future sales.
Waiting for a bus, waiting for a train or direct with an expert who knows how to get you there on time.

Looking at the layers of a cab journey it's quite fascinating as a business model.

1. He’s smart by driving his solution to a busy, captive audience
2. He demonstrates a bespoke service by driving his cab over to you.
3. He demonstrates his knowledge by understanding your meeting  details.
4. He positions himself as an expert by telling you of road closures, offering an alternative route to get you there on time.
5. He builds the relationship with informative conversation by getting clues from each reply you make.
6. He relaxes you by telling you how many minutes you are from your meeting.
7. He creates an affinity by wishing you luck in your meeting.

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Have fun :)

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