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Marketing Blog:

A common problem for most companies is knowing when to ask for the sale.

90% of companies ask way to early for the sale and 9% don't even bother, so when is the best time?

Quite simply, it's when your prospect is ready – but how do you know when that is?

What are your prospects thinking?
Are they interested yet?
Are they engaged enough to ask for the sale?

Getting this wrong is very easy when they may have already switched off from your brand - UNTIL NOW!

Our process starts with your future customer in mind, working back with relevant touches all mapped out towards your sale. We scope a journey and put this into your promotional activity.

The key here is you haven't forced them into a corner to make decision yet.
With your new process you're simply guiding them until they are ready to say YES.

As a Managing Director, part of your role is to look at new opportunities to help grow your company, building on existing and new sales.

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Have fun :)

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