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How a fruit bowl influenced £1.5million in new sales!

Quite often I meet with companies who send fairly good promotional pieces but are stumped by the lack of engagement and sales figures from each piece.

"What are we doing wrong?" they ask.
There is a rule that says:
The amount of sales made is directly proportionate to the number of touches you send.

However, a caveat to this is:
Each touch must create a strong reason to use you over and above the product or service you sell. Failing to implement this will create poor results for each campaign.

The real value is NOT solving the problem but solving the situation that lead to the problem, and this is where most companies struggle to understand that you are actually pre-selling the sale!

Here's a simple analogy.
If I offered you 4 items of fruit in a bowl, you would naturally have a preference or a favourite to select, and you'd probably also have one which you would want to avoid.
Now imagine only being served the fruit that you didn't like, how would you feel?
Well at best you wouldn't engage, and you wouldn't buy!

Imagine your engagement numbers looking like this:
Apples.  Oranges.  Pears.  Bananas
2%.        3%.           1%       5%

1% are interested in our information on Pears.
2% are interested in our information on Apples.
3% are interested in our information on Oranges.
5% are interested in our information on Bananas.

Serving one angle (one way), will give you low engagement figures.

Creating alternative views towards your sale, provides you with more sales opportunities from your higher engagement levels (11% higher!!!).

Now add another layer to the information served and you start to develop a strong continuity pathway towards getting a new customer.

1. Educate          2. Engage.       3. Inspire           4. SELL
Create interest    Create focus   Create wows   Create the sale

The great thing about this strategy is that it allows you to serve the whole bowl of fruit again with a view to cross selling other tasty reasons to use you and your brand in the future.

It's what helped one of our clients develop £1.5million of new sales from a very healthy strategy! :)

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