Inspire prospects first with the possibilities, then with your product.

About 15 years ago, we changed from a design to a Marketing led agency having developed a new way to market and sell products and services.

Back then, selling was telling people about products, services and solutions, and that content was king, which most accepted - apart from us :)

Of course you can imagine the reaction when we first introduced our stance that prospects are not really interested in a product or service, but in something far more interesting to them - they were more interested in themselves!

Why today, solving a problem is no longer good enough!
10 years ago, our way was different, based on human traits and buying habits, not on who shouted the loudest or who gave the best deal. It introduced a level of understanding, relaying insights with context from lifestyle situations, until they were ready to buy into our customers solutions. We didn't sell a product first, but instead we solved a problem which was a major break through.

Which of these 3 similar food stores would you shop at?



People don’t buy into core products. Instead they look at the supporting elements.

It was different and unique, however over time people and lifestyles changed, wanting everything brighter, bigger, better, and wanting it NOW.

The three main things to figure out for better sales.
1. Figure out what the right questions are to connect with your audience.
2. Figure out what your supporting elements are for your main products and services.
3. Figure out what you want your prospect to do at each stage

Notice, we are not connected with what you do or what your core service is.
Most companies create a series of messages trying to sell far too early. The prospects who are not ready for your sales message will simply switch off or block your future communications.

All we want to do is sell the reasons to listen or look at our communications in the future so that when ready, your prospect moves into a ‘transition series’ - ready for the sale.

We've now created a deeper connection for your prospects:
Understanding the difference of why people made a purchase, we created another break through sequence, designed to pre-sell the sale.

We knew that we had something special when global brands started asking us to use our strategies to promote product launches, service and sales campaigns, getting great reaction from a promotion savvy audience. Today psychology plays a major part in our successful customer solution, and it this that I would like to share with you.

Contact us to get the missing sequence which when plugged in, makes perfect sense.

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