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This valuable item is hidden within your company!

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What makes a successful business jump straight to the front!

On a train journey into London, I sat in a crowded compartment opposite two men who recognised each other and started a conversation from past experiences. They had obviously gone to the same school, in the same year and knew the same friends, but had somehow drifted apart.

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What are you influenced by, and how can you use influence in your business?

The premise of Marketing and communication is to create an easy route to a sale by demonstrating relevance and generating interest, but taking that concept a step further is the element which drives and creates the context around all other sales and marketing forms - Influence.

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When Hewlett - Packard first started in business, they sold audio Oscillators, not the most inspiring solution! However, they recognised that to grow they had to create new opportunities for people. To deliver the right solution, they knew that each product had to be promoted in a certain style, the “HP Way” which allowed them to build on the brand and become a multi-billion dollar company.

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