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What some directors can learn from this sole trader on match day.

The journey on match day to watch my team is about 1 1/2 hours, which includes a short drive and two train hops.

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Remember that day when you got all emotional...

Your last day at Uni, walking out with butterflies of excitement and the world at your feet, but how do you remember that so vividly?

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How a painful sunburn helped show the way for creating a captive solution

Remember on holiday when you've had a bit too much sun, and you grab the empty sun lotion bottle - ooops!

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Why right time, right place, right message is no longer good enough!

Imagine one morning walking into a coffee shop and asking for a low-fat soy, extra hot, double shot, tall, whipped cream caramel latte! Getting what you have asked for demonstrates that the company understands your needs and values your custom.

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How do you achieve the impossible?

Well, every generation will have new barriers. Back in the late 60's Neil Armstrong smashed through the impossible when he walked on the moon.

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