Here's the thing...

Your product or service doesn't really matter!

It's not what it is that's important, but what it does.

Understanding this helps you focus on 3 key areas of your business: Promotion, Sales and Customer Service. There is a 4th area which a lot of people overlook, and it's the most important area that brings all the others together. Marketing.

TYGA specialises in Marketing – we don't just design logos or build web sites; we study your market, form a strategy, and deploy various methods to ensure a well-rounded marketing plan.

Today we live in a world of alternative mind sets, behaviours, emotions, beliefs and motivations. Marketing and Sales are no longer separated, but joined by a new message type and delivery structure.

The Psychology of buying and selling is now a science: Get the latest report on what works, and more importantly what doesn't.

Download The Science of Sales & Marketing

what people are saying about us

“TYGA Marketing have enabled us to deliver our new marketing strategies and have been key to our success in the new industry sectors that we have prospected. Their innovative, creative and experienced approach has underpinned the way that the whole company is focusing on marketing and I have found them exciting to work with.”
Kathrin Cockhill
Director of Sales and Marketing

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“TYGA are a key partner of Warranty Direct – they have been involved in the success of Warranty Direct from the start. TYGA helped create and develop our brand and always manage to come up with ideas that fit with our company values. A relationship of over 10 years with TYGA just goes to show how happy we are with their work!”
Duncan McClure Fisher
Managing Director

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“Beales Hotels have been working with Tyga for many years. They handle all of the Design, Printing work for us and helped to launch our new £5 million 4 star hotel. One of their strengths is that they are very flexible to work with and can turn around anything we require in a matter of days.”
Andrew Beale
Managing Director

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Bring your business to life

Sometimes it's difiicult to get your message across quickly and efficiently, without losing the interest of your readers. This is where Motion graphics comes into it's own. We can create an engaging short video that explains your product or service in a more engaging and memorable way.

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